Success Stories

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Meet JD Rust,

“Creators Marketing Method has been a very valuable tool in helping us grow our organization...[Gina] is going to tailor it to exactly what you need and she takes as much time as possible one-on-one.”

Meet Tommas Fire-Heart Pizzo,

“I have worked with Gina for several months now on the launch of my book.  Had I not gone with [Gina and the Creators Marketing Method] I’d still be in the dream phase.”


Meet Andrew,

“I have so much praise for Gina Ireland and The Creators Marketing Method!  I am more organized and motivated than I been in years.  I have new goals and motivations and have accomplished so much in just a couple of months."

Meet Kellee,

"Since starting, I have had such a great learning experience with Gina's program.  I don't have a background in marketing or in business in general, so having my own business was daunting!  Gina's Creators Marketing Method is the perfect fusion of spirituality and mindset work along with the physical actions that you need to take and implement into your business to convert clients into buyers and make sales!"


Some Social Media Feedback:

Jewelry Retailer: Creative Retail Services

How One Well-Known Jeweler Beat their Social Media Slump and Doubled Their Following in 2 Months with the Creators Marketing Method.


Raze Media

How Gina Ireland Helped a Startup Raise Millions.


Extraordinary People

How Telling an Extraordinary Story Gained One Non-Profit Extraordinary Exposure.


MCF Media Solutions

How Targeting the Right Audience with the Right Marketing Collateral Led to Media & Entertainment Software Sales & Licensing.


Confidential U.S. Production Company

How Gina Ireland Helped a Mega Movie Star Launch and Market a New Production Company


Cura Artist’s Studio
& Co-Working Space

How Confidence in Pricing & Marketing Successfully Launched this Artist’s Co-Working Space.


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