Case Study

Confidential U.S. Production Company

How One Famous Hollywood Production Company Used My Strategies to Succeed at the Box Office.


The Client 

Founded by a Hollywood celebrity whose fame reaches all across the globe, this family-owned confidential U.S. production company was in its beginning stages when we first began working together. 

The company had been created mainly to produce experimental films. Though the client himself and his family were all big stars, this was their first venture into production. With this new venture underway, they needed marketing assistance and financial and investment modeling.


The Challenge

Because of my experience both with marketing and within the film industry, this confidential U.S. production company approached me in 2017 seeking my services. As the production company was just beginning to gain speed, the client needed strategic marketing that would not only speak to but form real connections with their target audience. 

Because of this, the company asked me to jump in and bid on a major project focused on its upcoming marketing efforts. For this project, I was asked to provide a strategic marketing assessment along with finance, fundraising, and business consulting services. 

The production company was struggling to find a way to continuously raise funds and market their films successfully. The client’s goals were to:

  1. Raise capital to fund the company’s processes and productions
  2. Solidify a strategy to earn that capital back through sales while increasing revenue by seeing their films succeed at the box office


The Solution + The Process


In order to make a profit, my client needed their films—typically within the indie genre—to be seen. How they marketed these films would play a key role in getting viewers interested. 

Because the company was struggling to determine the best approach to successfully market indie films, my first step was to provide a strategic marketing assessment. To do this, I took a look at what they were already doing to marketing their products. I analyzed things like:

  • Their target audience
  • The channels they were using to market their films
  • The frequency with which they were pushing marketing campaigns

After my analysis was complete, I continued my efforts throughout filming and post-production, acting as a consultant on strategic projects to keep the films on track. These projects included overhauling audience targeting and various marketing efforts.


Fundraising + Distribution

When the confidential production company approached me, they needed more investors. At the same time, they needed to improve film performance while reducing risk. My work with this client began by fundraising to finance the slate. To do this, I collaborated with their office staff to pitch investors and identify prime opportunities.

After I identified and structured the slate of assets on offer to appeal to potential investors, I was able to create a balanced risk portfolio across multiple film genres. 

Next, I drafted an approach toward fundraising, which would finance the slate. The fundraising tactics I planned would ensure my client’s money was invested in the wisest way to enable the films to perform well.


The Impact

With my comprehensive fundraising strategy, my client was able to gain more investors with whom they were able to build long-term relationships with. Not to mention, the client raised millions of dollars for several select projects. 

With the help of the marketing strategies I produced for their indie films, multiple films my client produced had a successful box office.



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