Case Study

MCF Media Solutions

How Targeting the Right Audience with the Right Marketing Collateral Led to Media & Entertainment Software Sales & Licensing.


The Client 

A joint venture between a well-known entertainment consulting agency and two established technical solutions providers, MCF Media Solutions tailors technology to their clients needs to enable better collaboration, greater transparency, and more informed decision making. 

To assist the entertainment industry with distribution management projects, MCF Media Solutions produced a collection of four business process applications called SPEEDYSuite

According to MCF Media Solutions, “SPEEDYSuite integrates casting, production and asset management into a single, cloud-based solution for content localization.”

The suite of applications includes the following MCF Media Solutions software:

  • SPEEDYDubb
  • SPEEDYTrack
  • SPEEDYCast
  • SPEEDYIntel


The Challenge

Having previously collaborated on projects with the CEO of MCF Media Solutions, Von Johnson, while I was at the global consulting firm, FTI Consulting, the MCF Media Solutions team was familiar with my marketing expertise and my deep knowledge of the entertainment industry. So, in early 2017, Von solicited my services to help develop a more comprehensive marketing strategy for the SPEEDYSuite software. 

Von came to me with two major problems:

  1. His team was unsure exactly who their target audience should be—who would be most likely to purchase their software suite?
  2. Because they weren’t clear on who their ideal buyers were, they also didn’t know how to smoothly and strategically initiate conversations with these potential customers.

In order to achieve their main goal—selling the software—they needed to gain clarity and confidence on both these fronts.  


The Solution + The Process

Target Audience Research

To help Von and the MCF Media Solutions team not only sell their SPEEDYSuite software a handful of times but instead, to ensure they received a continuous flow of customers, I began by identifying a suitable buyer for the SPEEDYSuite product. 

During my market and target audience research, I was able to determine that medium-sized entertainment technology solutions companies would be the most likely demographic of SPEEDYSuite buyers. 

Additionally, my research led me to understand that companies developing tools to assist content producers at large entertainment studios would also be more likely to purchase my client’s software suite.


Marketing Collateral

While my client had a small number of marketing materials prepared and in use when they approached me to join the team, it was my job to take their marketing efforts to the next level. So, following my market and audience research, I got to work creating collateral that would speak directly to the consumers that mattered—those who were most likely to purchase the SPEEDYSuite software. 

My knowledge of Adobe solutions, such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, and my many years of experience working in the entertainment industry allowed me to create eye-catching collateral such as sales one-sheets and information packets that spoke to the target demographic. 

With the new MCF Media Solutions marketing collateral ready to deploy, I then used these materials to introduce SPEEDYSuite and its benefits to the parties I had identified as potential customers during my target audience research.  


The Impact

The combination of my target audience and market analysis for SPEEDYSuite along with the marketing collateral I created using this insight, led to several high-ticket licensing contracts, as well as a lucrative software sales transaction.

“Gina has acquired a unique set of skills, experience, and knowledge about the inner workings of entertainment strategy, distribution, and marketing,” Von says. “She’s very conscientious and a joy to work with.” 

After partnering with MCF Media Solutions on SPEEDYSuite marketing efforts for about a year, the joint venture was able to realize an exit strategy that more than compensated the parties involved in the software development.

“We highly recommend Gina and Cardinal Blue Consulting to clients seeking insightful guidance and analysis of all things entertainment,” says Von.


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