Case Study

Cura Artist’s Studio

& Co-Working Space

How Confidence in Pricing & Marketing Successfully Launched this Artist’s Co-Working Space.


The Client 

Cura: lat. to look on with care; means of healing

Cura Studios is a Southern California-based is a co-working and community-building space geared specifically to the needs of visual artists. The studio, founded by artist and art instructor Carolin Peters, focuses on allowing artists the opportunity to gather, practice, and grow with a dedicated group of peers.

“Having a dedicated workspace, classes that keep your skills sharp, and a community of inspiring peers, make for resilient art practice,” the Studio’s website explains. “If you are committed to living your fullest creative potential then we can't wait for you to join our ‘creativity gym’!”

Cura’s four offerings include the following:

  • Co-working
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Open sessions

Cura acts as a supportive place for artists, allowing them to drop in and stay connected with both peers and practice. 

“At Cura Studios we believe artists are drivers of change and nurturers of human resilience,” the Studio’s website reads. “We understand what makes it hard to keep coming back to your creative work and designed this hub so you can do what needs to be done.”


The Challenge

Cura Studio’s founder, Carolin, was starting her co-working space from scratch. She knew that, in order to grow a profitable business, she needed professional consulting in regard to the startup’s marketing methods and pricing structure. So, after she found me through LinkedIn, Carolin and I got to work to kick her artist’s community into a well-oiled and thriving business machine. 

“As a brand new start-up we don’t have the deep pockets of established institutions and know that our community is our biggest asset,” the Cura Studio site states.

Without any previous background in business, Carolin was starting her co-working studio from a vision and the capital she had acquired. Now, she needed help strategizing a plan for growth and income.



The Solution + The Process 



As a startup, Carolin’s studio was in need of strategic marketing efforts to place her above her competitors and get her business soaring off the ground. As such, I needed to craft marketing campaigns and recommendations that stayed true to Cura Studio's vision, “to bring together creative leaders and co-create a community, which lives by the motto that creativity and community are essential for our wellbeing.”

To ensure I was accurately capturing the essence of the studio in all Cura’s future marketing moves, I began by interviewing Cura management. Then, I surveyed more than 25 comparable companies within and outside of the co-working industry.

After I gained a ton of valuable insight from Cura’s own team and the hands-on staff at other competing businesses, I engaged in secondary market research and modeling. From here, I was able to layout a plan of action for Carolin to take with her startup after the initial business launch.


Pricing + Membership Structure

In addition to my marketing services, Cura Studios was also in need of my structural financing abilities. For this reason, Carolin asked me to construct a pricing structure for the studio’s offerings.

At Cura, classes are offered as part of memberships and series as well as on an a la carte basis. So, two pricing structures needed to be developed—one for membership rates and one for a la carte Cura Studio services, such as classes. 

To begin creating Carolin’s pricing and membership structure for her studio, I started by updating her business model. From there, I was able to construct a price database spreadsheet detailing the following:

  • The membership pricing 
  • The class pricing structure, which accommodated the 10 different types of packages the studio offers including lectures, workshops, and private lessons
  • One year of start-up expenses
  • One year of monthly profits

From there, I was able to provide Carolin with a financial model complete with recommended pricing, business revenue projections, expense projections, and opportunities for future growth.


The Impact

With a solidified pricing structure and a marketing plan for years to come, Carolin was prepared to take the necessary action to skyrocket awareness and enable the business to take off.

“Gina helped me in building a solid pricing structure for my new business,” Carolin says. “She brought high-quality know-how to the project and delivered a product I have complete confidence in.” 

Confidently armed with a set of competitive rates and marketing know-how, Carolin successfully launched Cura Studio in Fall 2018.

“I particularly appreciated [Gina’s] genuine enthusiasm for the project, as well as her clear and straight-forward communication style,” says Carolin.



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