Welcome to the Creators Marketing Method! I'm Gina, a marketer, a coach, and a creator myself. Through the CMM, I help creators market and grow their businesses more efficiently so that along with the financial security they desire, these creators are able to keep their creative fire lit and achieve the lifestyle they desire. 


I didn’t start as a soulful marketing coach. In fact, my career didn’t start in a soulful place at all. 

After receiving my BA from Duke, my career was launched all the way to Wall Street where I held my first post-grad job as an investment banker. Since it felt like this was the only way society would deem me “successful,” and the direction everyone was pushing me in, wanting to see me in a “stable” role, I tried to tough it out. 

Next, I attended grad school at the University of Southern California (USC). There, I got my MBA and a graduate degree from the same film school Steven Spielberg  attended and graduated from. 

With two new degrees, I began working in Strategy & Business Development in the entertainment industry. Collaborating with celebs on their movies and up-leveling marketing campaigns was rewarding. But, I still felt stuck and voiceless in the fast-paced, superficial lifestyle I was living in LA.  

Then, my life slowed down. My body started talking to me and telling me not all was right. Now, the 90+ hour weeks I was working prior were not only not ideal but they were actually impacting my physical health and total wellness. I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and just didn't feel well.

With my wellness suffering and my creative fire burning out, I committed to making a change. 


After taking some time to explore my own creativity and soul, I was able to define  what I desired most and what I needed for my health and well-being.

Sitting in meditation, I had my “aha moment.” While I needed a future that would help me achieve financial security, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my health or my creative fire to get there. I wanted to take a path that honored my unique voice and creativity while relying on my marketing expertise to support the lifestyle I deserved.

Understanding that other artists, creators, and influencers were also in search of the ability to share their incredible gifts and one-of-a-kind voice with the world around them but haven’t been taught how to do it, I knew that’s where my purpose had been waiting to be discovered. 

The Creators Marketing Method was born!


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