How to Apply Human Design to Your Business | with Jenna Macintyre

Jenna Macintyre is passionate about human design, a system of the energies we hold in our bodies that helps to inform how we are meant to move through the world.

When she learned about it and her own design type, so many things about the world just clicked into place. She grew up on a farm where nobody practiced anything remotely like human design, but it still taught her a sense of honoring mother nature.

She tells us all about how to apply human design to your life and your business, what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, and how to ignore all the haters and attract all the right people.

But, before we meet Jenna, I want to teach you about Abundance in the Universe:

We do not create abundance, it is always present. The universe has more resources, more joy, than we could ever need.

The problem is that we create limitations for ourselves. We create the blocks to getting more followers, more money, more joy.

You need to unlearn those limitations you’ve arbitrarily set...

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