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We’re going to do things a little differently today. Instead of a guest, I’m going to share my story and tell you a little more about why I do what I do. This came about from a listener suggestion, and I’m so happy to take that feedback in.

I want to put my story out there and tell you a little about why I do what I do. It does make me feel a little vulnerable, but I know that these stories can help others and I want to let you all know that you are not alone!


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Grab my soulful marketing guide and learn the exact steps I teach my high-ticket clients.

I will give you the 7 Easy & Simple Steps to add soul to your marketing, including:

  • The ability to tell stories, distill your message and...
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3 Sales Techniques that Increase Revenue without Stress (The Art of the Story)


Hello, my beautiful CREATORS!!

I often get asked how to tell stories in effective ways for sales. My clients want sales techniques that aren't salesy. They want authenticity. I'm going to talk about three sales techniques or three ways to connect with your dreamy clients that feel natural and authentic for you and for your ideal clients.


  • Tell a Personal Story


The first method is to tell a personal story. Make sure to really open up and let your personality shine through. Talk about the speed bumps you've had along the way, how you've grown, why you've grown, what's happened to you. Be a little vulnerable. People really connect with that and like that you're opening up, and that you're being real.

Sometimes some of my clients are worried about sharing their failures, but people really connect with that because they've probably made the same mistakes. They like that you've learned from your mistakes and that you can teach them a better way. 

I know its hard when...

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