Marketing Gems for Jewelry Designers & Creative Entrepreneurs + Instagram Growth Strategies | with Brittany Jang

Brittany Jang is an expert in all things marketing and operations when it comes to jewelry brands! She grew up with a love of jewelry, and spent hours a day making custom jewelry at home. She also likes lists and order, so her personality works well with creatives who tend to get distracted easily.

She’s going to give all of you lots of wisdom to help build your businesses, whether that’s in jewelry or other creative fields. She is just a ball of positivity and I can’t wait for you to hear all that she has to say!

But, before we meet Brittany, I want to teach you about Instagram Growth Strategies:

  • Instagram is a social platform, so make sure you are answering all comments and DMs that are coming in.
  • Show up, provide value, and interact with your audience. Like and comment on their posts.
  • Don’t cold DM people; Only DM someone who has already engaged with your content.
  • Slow & steady is the way to go.
  • Research hashtags in your niche (the more relevant and...
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How to Keep A Strong Entrepreneur Partnership + The Carve The Turkey Content Method | with Jessica & Ronda

I have known these two beautiful ladies, Jessica and Ronda, for a lot of my life. They have really paved the way for my own entrepreneurship journey. They both are an incredible example of partnership and aligning your values and priorities to create a powerful and long-lasting relationship.

Jess and Rhonda first met as college suitemates and majored in sports medicine and athletic training. Their backgrounds were very different, but their core values aligned and they became quick friends.

Several years later, their paths crossed again and joined forces to build a business. Eventually, they started to wonder what is next for them. When they asked themselves what else they wanted to do to help and empower people, they arrived at online coaching and consulting.

As two busy adults, they have some sage wisdom on starting a business, jiving with your partner, and creating content while staying creatively inspired!

But, before we meet Jessica & Ronda, I want to teach you about the ...

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How To Create a Full-Time Painting Business + The Product Marketing Triangle | with Nicole Drake

Nicole Drake is a coffee-holic, avid journaler, and PROUD full-time artist — my kind of girl!!

Nicole describes the act of painting as a brilliant therapeutic outlet from perfectionism and anxiety, using the process of creation to reflect and engage in a dialogue with herself. Over time, she’s been able to appreciate the process and release herself from some of the anxiety and perfectionism that plagues all of us nowadays — and, at the same time, she’s been building a bonafide business!

This is the kind of story that just lights me up inside and this is the kind of life that I want every Creator to understand is possible!



But, before we meet Nicole, I want to teach you about The Product Marketing Triangle:


  1. Education-Based Marketing. There are two kinds of clients out there: the kind that is already looking for your product or service and the kind that doesn’t know you can help them. That first group of customers is great and you...
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What the Heck to Do with IGTV!?

Hello my beautiful CREATORS!!

I am often asked by clients what the heck to do with IGTV?? It took some time to get up and running, but I am now seeing clients get lots of traction using this alternative way to share content.

In addition, my spies at Instagram are telling me that the algorithm is going to prioritize accounts that use IGTV well and keep more people on the platform longer. 

What do you have to lose? Start experimenting with IGTV this week. I dare you!

What is IGTV?:

This is Instagram's place for long-form videos (longer than stories and posts). You can access it either through the native Instagram app or the new standalone IGTVapp. 

IGTV is attempting to disrupt the traditional TV experience and replace it with a modern, mobile experience.

Did you know that the amount of time teens spend watching TV has dropped by 40%? They are increasingly watching mobile video, as are older adults. In fact, by 2021 78% of mobile...

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5 Moves Story Formula for Authentic Marketing Conversations


Hey, my beautiful creator!!

I’m often asked by my clients what the first step should be when they’re launching a new product. 

Here’s my answer: stories. First, you need to solidify the story behind the product.

Hopefully, you've done some work and have nailed down your business story and your personal story in order to build your tribe. But, in order to get your dreamy clients interested in your new product, you also need to have a story about that product that connects with them.

Here’s an example of some work I did with a client recently: 

A company with the mission to employ adults with autism builds businesses around individual skillsets. This allows them to better develop self-sustaining businesses. 

How it works, is they begin a product that already has a market. Then, they design tasks around the skills of the individual. 

For instance, an individual who is a part of this program really liked to cook. He would cook for his home and...

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The Wealthy Artist: 3 Myths to Bust


Hello, my beautiful CREATOR!! 

I get so many inbounds about different myths that you have as artists and creators being in business. There are these ideas about what it means to be in business as an artist or a creator, that I really need to give a “hell no” to. 

Let’s bust these myths right now. Here are the 3 wealthy artists myths I’m debunking today:

  1. “I need to be ‘salesy’ if I want to sell”

The first myth I hear is, “I don't know how to sell my products, sell my services, sell my art without being salesy.” 

It’s true that being salesy is not a great approach—nobody likes that, and you don't like doing it. Instead, authenticity is really key in selling your product or service. 

Authenticity comes in the form of telling stories—stories about yourself, about your brand, about your product, all that good stuff. (I talked about the five moves of story-making in an earlier video, so go...

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The 4 Best Conversation Starters to Start Authentic Sales or Networking Conversations


Hey there, beautiful creator! 

I often get asked by my intrepid creator clients what to do when you get into new conversations. 

Whether you’re in-person at a networking event or in a sales marketing setting or, if the conversation is taking place online, the question is, "how do I have authentic conversations to build my business?" 

When you're feeling anxiety around being in a new situation and meeting new people, follow these easy steps during the conversation:

  1. Say hi!

It might sound really silly but just say hi. Regardless of the setting—whether you’re at an event or online over a DM messaging a dreamy client, everybody’s feeling a little jittery. It's hard to get started, and it’s hard to get out there. But, just ripping that band-aid off, showing up and starting the conversation knowing that you're coming from a soul-aligned position, makes all the difference. 

If you're wanting to connect with another human being in...

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4 Types of Videos for Social Media Marketing


Hello, my beautiful CREATORS!!

I often get asked by my clients and by my tribe about social media marketing strategies and, in particular, videos. What kind of videos are the best to use to market your business? The first one that I want to talk about is a how-to video. 


  • The How-To Video


How-To videos are highly searchable and a great way to connect with a new dreamy client. For example, if you are someone who sells furniture, you can do a step-by-step instructional video showing how to repair a stool. This will give your audience some takeaways and the “know, like and trust” factor when they use your advice to repair the furniture at home. 

Don’t worry, this doesn't mean you're taking business away from yourself. Actually, your dreamy client will connect with you over getting some free advice and start to really know, like and trust you.

When they have repairs that get a little too complicated for them to do at home, they'll come in. They...

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Do I Need An Email List? Yes, more than you need social!


Hello, my beautiful CREATORS!!

I often get asked by my clients if they need an email list. Sometimes, I get clients who don’t even ask that question. They don’t know the importance of email lists! Guys, they are even more important than social media!! I swear!

Your email list is the most important piece of marketing that you have. The reason for this is, your email list is something that you own. You are not at the mercy of algorithms on Facebook or Instagram. You have a direct relationship with your list. You control the content and what they see from you.

I want to talk to you about how to get more engagement with your list. With more engagement comes more sales, so dive in with me!


  • Consistent Schedule


It is so important to have a consistent schedule. Make sure you are giving your list real value on a consistent basis.

I like to email out at least once a week except when I'm in a launch phase of a new product, and then I will email a bit more...

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