How to Practice Self Care + The Importance of Retreats | with Davey Fisher

Davey Fisher is an amazing certified trainer and the fitness director at The Ranch Malibu & Spa, where I take my yearly retreats. He is also a model and real estate agent, and helps represent some brands to help you be the strongest version of yourself.

Davey majored in kinesiology, and on a whim he took on an assistantship in LA under some strength conditioning coaches who were prepping athletes for the NFL draft. He stayed involved there for a few months, and it ended up leading to him leaving his job in Seattle. 

We touch on the importance of retreats, showing up for yourself, and getting some self care.

But, before we meet Davey, I want to teach you about The Importance of Retreat:

I try to take a week of time away every year, and it is a vital part of my creativity and entrepreneurship.

Taking yourself away from your surroundings, your schedule, and the “stuff” in your life can really shake things up. It gives you more time and space to think things...

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