How to build brand think deeper and develop rapport with customers


Hello, my soulful CREATORS!

Recently, I was asked how to build a brand, think deeper and develop a rapport with customers.

The answer involves storytelling and my method of teaching storytelling involving five moves. 

(Take a look at my other videos about storytelling, or shoot me a message if you haven't gotten that lesson so you can learn the five moves storytelling technique!)

When you think about stories, you want to make sure you have these five different stories:

  1. A brand story
  2. A business story
  3. A personal story
  4. Product stories
  5. Customers stories

Let’s take a closer look at customer stories.

Why are customer stories important? 

Customer stories are important because they provide insight into what customers' specific journeys look like. From these stories, you can learn what's plaguing customers. 

What are your customers concerned about? What do they need?

Customer stories will also give you a look at where these consumers are today, and where they want to...

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The 4 Best Conversation Starters to Start Authentic Sales or Networking Conversations


Hey there, beautiful creator! 

I often get asked by my intrepid creator clients what to do when you get into new conversations. 

Whether you’re in-person at a networking event or in a sales marketing setting or, if the conversation is taking place online, the question is, "how do I have authentic conversations to build my business?" 

When you're feeling anxiety around being in a new situation and meeting new people, follow these easy steps during the conversation:

  1. Say hi!

It might sound really silly but just say hi. Regardless of the setting—whether you’re at an event or online over a DM messaging a dreamy client, everybody’s feeling a little jittery. It's hard to get started, and it’s hard to get out there. But, just ripping that band-aid off, showing up and starting the conversation knowing that you're coming from a soul-aligned position, makes all the difference. 

If you're wanting to connect with another human being in...

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