5 Moves Story Formula for Authentic Marketing Conversations


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I’m often asked by my clients what the first step should be when they’re launching a new product. 

Here’s my answer: stories. First, you need to solidify the story behind the product.

Hopefully, you've done some work and have nailed down your business story and your personal story in order to build your tribe. But, in order to get your dreamy clients interested in your new product, you also need to have a story about that product that connects with them.

Here’s an example of some work I did with a client recently: 

A company with the mission to employ adults with autism builds businesses around individual skillsets. This allows them to better develop self-sustaining businesses. 

How it works, is they begin a product that already has a market. Then, they design tasks around the skills of the individual. 

For instance, an individual who is a part of this program really liked to cook. He would cook for his home and...

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