How to Create Your Own Platform as an Independent Creator | with Laurelann Easton

Laurelann Easton is the owner of Wrapped Up In Jewelry. She makes incredibly unique jewelry using stones and crystals and wire wrapping inspired by nature.

She got into jewelry making as a kid when she got some really simply jewelry making kits. Once she got internet, she saw so much more of what was out there and wanted to learn how to do more. In college, she turned it into something to do on the side and it eventually turned into a business.

When Etsy stopped working for her, she set out to create her own platform where she can sell to her audience on her own terms. She tells us how she got started, how she learned to create recurring revenue to make her income more predictable, and what she does for social media marketing.

We talk about:

  • Getting started working with jewelry
  • Offering a membership box and how that benefits her business
  • Keeping your creative practice front of mind
  • Moving off of Etsy to create your own shop
  • Laurelann’s social media strategy & photography...
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5 Live Event Ideas for Your Jewelry Business

jewelry live events Jul 23, 2019

Hello, my beautiful CREATORS!!

I get asked a lot by my jewelry designer clients about hosting live events. I love helping plan in-store events for my brick & mortar clients or renting a cool space to have an event for my e-comm clients. 

I have 5 event suggestions that I have used countless times with clients with so much success. These are tried and tested, so don’t miss out.

I want to share these ideas with you today so that you can host amazing events that help build that “know, like and trust” factor for you and your business. 


  • Casting & Cocktails or Design & Cocktails


I like to help host a little event I call “casting and cocktails.”  I know the casting, or jewelry-making, process is old hat to you but it will be awe-inspiring to your dreamy clients. 

If you don’t cast in-store, you can tweak the wording a bit and call it “Casting & Design” and walk dreamy clients through your...

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