How to Get Conversions With Service-Based Marketing | with Molly Kubes

Molly Kubes is the founder of the Spiritual Business Accelerator, an online business program for spiritual women to help them build online businesses.

She started out as a full-time yoga instructor. Yoga had really served her in her life, and she loved teaching it. But the only way to make enough to pay all her bills was to teach 16 different yoga classes in a week. She tried to make it work, but it just wasn’t sustainable and she started to burn out. She still wanted to share this, so she built an online yoga course, and she made more in the first 6 weeks than she had made in the whole year doing classes.

We talk about:

  • Creating an online business out of an in-person one
  • How to experiment and problem solve
  • Marketing without feeling salesy
  • Staying in the flow while traveling
  • Meditation practice & binaural beats
  • Grow engagement & conversion on Instagram
  • Getting started writing copy



But, before we meet Molly, I want to teach you about Coming From a Place...

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How to Overcome Mindset Blocks to Work in the Creative Flow + Using Customer Stories for More Engaging Marketing Conversations | with Dana Tao

We have something amazing in store for you. Dana Tao is an incredible entrepreneur and human being, and she has so many amazing tips about being an entrepreneur, getting your mindset right, and utilizing Instagram.

Dana started her own business after her husband and friends encouraged her to pursue it. She took the leap, and the rapid growth caught her completely off guard. She talks about having support and attracting your people, pushing positivity, and working in a creative flow in your business.

We talk about:

  • The importance of customer stories + how to get them
  • Deciding to start your own business
  • Attracting the right people
  • Finding your calling
  • Instagram strategies
  • Incorporating holistic wellness into your brand
  • Flowing through the challenges in life
  • Striving for a balanced life



But, before we meet Dana, I want to teach you about Customer Stories:

There are 5 types of stories you should have available to you when you are talking about your brand:

  • Brand Story
  • ...
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What the Heck to Do with IGTV!?

Hello my beautiful CREATORS!!

I am often asked by clients what the heck to do with IGTV?? It took some time to get up and running, but I am now seeing clients get lots of traction using this alternative way to share content.

In addition, my spies at Instagram are telling me that the algorithm is going to prioritize accounts that use IGTV well and keep more people on the platform longer. 

What do you have to lose? Start experimenting with IGTV this week. I dare you!

What is IGTV?:

This is Instagram's place for long-form videos (longer than stories and posts). You can access it either through the native Instagram app or the new standalone IGTVapp. 

IGTV is attempting to disrupt the traditional TV experience and replace it with a modern, mobile experience.

Did you know that the amount of time teens spend watching TV has dropped by 40%? They are increasingly watching mobile video, as are older adults. In fact, by 2021 78% of mobile...

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