An Easy Way to Grow Your Email List: Free Treats or Lead Magnets are Gems


Hello, my beautiful CREATORS!!

I often get asked by clients how to grow an email list.

They have learned how important email lists are and want an even bigger one!!

So how do you do that? Well, I like to teach a little lesson about lead magnets or free treats. 

A lead magnet or free treat is a piece of content that's going to be teased on social media and on your websites. You offer this for free so that people exchange their email in order to access this amazing content.

What are some good examples of free treats? I’m glad you asked...

  • Checklist

Give your clients an easy checklist to follow. For example, “What pieces to shop for to uplevel your look in the New Year” performed really well for one of my jewelry clients. 

Personally, I supply potential clients with a checklist for an Instagram post. I tell them everything that they need to do to make a killer Instagram post.

  • Guide or Report

Dreamy clients love to read your reports. 

For example, if...

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