Driving Your Creative Career + The 5 Moves Storytelling Method | with Karl Stelter

Karl Stelter is an amazing filmmaker who I’ve been working together for a number of years now. Not really knowing what he wanted to do, it was through working with his dad’s small business on small projects that he was first introduced to making videos that people would pay for.

Karl talks about the importance of his daily writing habit, having a mindset of constant improvement, and believing in yourself enough to stick with it.



But, before we meet Karl, I want to teach you about The Five Moves Storytelling Method:

To help your branding and marketing really STICK, you need to tell compelling stories centered around your brand. The Five Moves Storytelling Method is a way that you can be telling stories about your product, your brand, or yourself in a very succinct and memorable way.


These are the Five Moves:

  1. Exposition/Introduction: Set up the background/starting point to the story
  2. Rising action: Where does the story go from the starting point? What...
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