How to Take Professional Brand Photography + Taking Imperfect Action to Stop Procrastinating | with Wendy Yalom

Wendy Yalom and I have been working together for a number of years, she does all of my brand photography. She is so amazingly talented, and brings so much joy, beauty, and talent to our photo shoots.

So many people hate getting their picture taken, and this really what drew Wendy into brand photography in the first place. Even capable, confident people tend to freeze up in front of a camera. Making people feel more confident and comfortable is what lights her up with purpose.


We talk about:

  • Feeling natural when taking photos
  • When people should get professional brand photography
  • Keeping balance in your business and life
  • Good shooting locations
  • Marketing to the right people
  • Getting into the creative flow
  • Trusting your instinct and saying yes
  • Quick & simple tips for non-professionals

But, before we meet Wendy, I want to teach you about Imperfect Action:

If the idea of getting on a Facebook Live is terrifying, try the practice of taking imperfect action every day. Until...

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How to Practice Self Care + The Importance of Retreats | with Davey Fisher

Davey Fisher is an amazing certified trainer and the fitness director at The Ranch Malibu & Spa, where I take my yearly retreats. He is also a model and real estate agent, and helps represent some brands to help you be the strongest version of yourself.

Davey majored in kinesiology, and on a whim he took on an assistantship in LA under some strength conditioning coaches who were prepping athletes for the NFL draft. He stayed involved there for a few months, and it ended up leading to him leaving his job in Seattle. 

We touch on the importance of retreats, showing up for yourself, and getting some self care.

But, before we meet Davey, I want to teach you about The Importance of Retreat:

I try to take a week of time away every year, and it is a vital part of my creativity and entrepreneurship.

Taking yourself away from your surroundings, your schedule, and the “stuff” in your life can really shake things up. It gives you more time and space to think things...

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How to Get Started With Your Own Photography + My Personal Thoughts on Photography and Design | with Rachel Stelter

We have a beautiful interview with Rachel Stelter, a wonderful photographer that I’ve been working with for years. She has also done social media management, branding, and marketing. She was one of those kids who always loved making things, and she fell in love with photography in high school and ended up turning it from a side gig into a full time career.

Rachel is going to go deep into photography basics, daily habits, locations to shoot in, a balanced life, and much more!

But, before we meet Rachel, I want to teach you about My Personal Thoughts on Photography and Design:

Content is the core of your business. The more consistently you put out high-quality content, the more trust you are going to gain with potential customers. Don’t stress over missing a day on Instagram, but get into the habit of batching content for the future so you can post consistently.

There is a lot that goes into content creation, and it does require some thought and preparation. Here are some...

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How to build brand think deeper and develop rapport with customers


Hello, my soulful CREATORS!

Recently, I was asked how to build a brand, think deeper and develop a rapport with customers.

The answer involves storytelling and my method of teaching storytelling involving five moves. 

(Take a look at my other videos about storytelling, or shoot me a message if you haven't gotten that lesson so you can learn the five moves storytelling technique!)

When you think about stories, you want to make sure you have these five different stories:

  1. A brand story
  2. A business story
  3. A personal story
  4. Product stories
  5. Customers stories

Let’s take a closer look at customer stories.

Why are customer stories important? 

Customer stories are important because they provide insight into what customers' specific journeys look like. From these stories, you can learn what's plaguing customers. 

What are your customers concerned about? What do they need?

Customer stories will also give you a look at where these consumers are today, and where they want to...

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