The Wealthy Artist: 3 Myths to Bust


Hello, my beautiful CREATOR!! 

I get so many inbounds about different myths that you have as artists and creators being in business. There are these ideas about what it means to be in business as an artist or a creator, that I really need to give a “hell no” to. 

Let’s bust these myths right now. Here are the 3 wealthy artists myths I’m debunking today:

  1. “I need to be ‘salesy’ if I want to sell”

The first myth I hear is, “I don't know how to sell my products, sell my services, sell my art without being salesy.” 

It’s true that being salesy is not a great approach—nobody likes that, and you don't like doing it. Instead, authenticity is really key in selling your product or service. 

Authenticity comes in the form of telling stories—stories about yourself, about your brand, about your product, all that good stuff. (I talked about the five moves of story-making in an earlier video, so go check that out for that insight!)

Locking in on these stories, posting authentic content and talking to your dreamy clients will help do the selling for you. At the end of the day, it’s really just about having a relationship with your customers. 

When you have a relationship with your audience, and you're selling based on education-based marketing (where you're educating your clients about your process or your expertise), you're really giving your customers something back that’s valuable. Then, your audience and dreamy clients will be more likely to come on board with you. 

See? You don’t need to be salesy at all, so let's just get that myth out of the picture!

  1. “I don't have time for marketing” 

The second myth I often hear is that creators don’t have time for marketing. 

If you don't have time for marketing, why do you have a business? 

Marketing is the key to business. So, carve out that time in your schedule to implement some marketing strategies. 

Block out chunks of your time in your calendar. It doesn’t have to be the entire day. For example, maybe you have two hours in the morning where you handle all your emails. 

Have some goals! Personally, I do some journaling. I set some goals every month, every week, and every day. That's important to me. I don't just give away my time to tasks that are nagging. I give my time to the tasks that need to be done to maintain and improve my business.

If you use my seven-step process, it's really an efficient way to get your marketing out there in a soul-aligned, authentic way. This process will help you find time in your business and help you feel a connection with your art, and connection with your soul.

  1. “I can’t support myself with my art”

Another myth I hear from creators is, “I can't support myself with my art; I'm a starving artist.” 

You can totally support yourself. It's about finding your dreamy clients, finding your authentic voice, and finding your stories. Then, it all comes down to telling those stories to those dreamy clients. They want your product or service!

So, start by getting your story out there. You can make money, and you can have a business with the financial freedom and lifestyle freedom you want. It's there for the taking.



If you want to learn more about my triangle method to product marketing, come on board with me for the Creators Marketing Method Workshop, which is my soulful marketing education story.

I will never give you stale, one-size-fits all advice. Just real, authentic, SOULFUL ways for you to grow your business and achieve the financial freedom you  desire. 



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