The Art of Getting More Sales from a Stellar product


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What do you do when you find your sweet spot product and it's doing well, but you want to grow that product revenue? If you’re not yet ready to target a new dreamy client base, how can you increase that revenue?

I’m commonly asked this by my clients, and what I teach them is an approach I call the Creators Model. The Creators Model is a way to take one sweet spot product and offer it in new ways so you can watch the revenue grow. 

Here’s how the Creators Model works:

First, take a look at your retail or e-commerce business, and make sure everything is on target.  This means you’ll have a really great webpage or way to sell online. Or, you’ll have an awesome physical location if that's applicable to your product or service.

Hold Events

Next, you need to hold events. These events can occur either in-store, or you can have them in rented spaces. For example, I had a jeweler client who liked to have casting tours where he would take people back to his jewelry creation station and show them the casting process. 

I also have a client who is an acupuncturist who did some quick acupuncture treatments for people during an event. At this event, she also had a meditation instructor and a professional who led a sound bath. Since there was some crossover with their customer bases, each business owner introduced each other's products/services to new prospects. It was a win-win for everybody!

Create an Informational Product

Another opportunity to increase your product revenue would be to create an informational product, like an eBook, online course, checklist, etc. By creating an informational product, you’ll be able to teach people about what it is you’re offering. 

For instance, I have a massage client who created an eBook providing information and instructions on how to do partner massages at home. By putting herself out there as an expert in her field, she was able to book more couples massages! 

VIP Opportunities

Another great approach that may work for you is VIP opportunities. For example, let’s say you have a group coaching business. You can use VIP events to offer one-on-one opportunities for people who want a little more handholding, and a little more access to you. 

Experiential Opportunities

Lastly, you can participate in experiential opportunities. Experiential opportunities involve optimizing all of the experiences involved with interacting with your business, whether that’s in-store or online. 

This means you’ll ensure customer service is excellent. You'll reach out to your dreamy clients and make sure that you're communicating with them on a regular basis so they feel like they're part of your tribe. 

You’ll want your dreamy clients to feel like they are a part of a growing community and that they're really getting something valuable out of it. Then, they will be more likely to engage more in your products or services.



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