Three Myths of the Wealthy Artist Debunked

Today I am going to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart: how to be a wealthy artist. There are 3 myths that I am going to bust right open about being a wealthy artist and what it means to be in business as a creative. We are going to give these myths a big hell no so that you can focus on making a full time living out of the work that you love!

The three myths of the wealthy artist:

  1. I need to be salesy if I want to sell. Nobody likes pushing products on other people who aren’t interested, and on the buyer’s end nobody likes that either! Authenticity is really key in selling your product. This comes in the form of telling stories about yourself, your brand, and your products, and infusing your personality into every piece of marketing and sales conversations.
  2. I don’t have time for marketing. You want to be creating art, showing up for your family, practicing self care. If you don’t have time for marketing, do you have time for your business? Marketing really is the key to business, but there are ways to work smarter instead of harder.
  3. I can’t support myself with my art. You can totally support yourself, it’s just about finding your dreamy clients, finding your authentic voice, and finding your stories. There are a lot of people out there making and selling things, but there are even more people out there buying! You just have to connect with those dreamy clients.

You can make money and you can have a business with financial freedom and lifestyle freedom, it is there for the taking. You just have to turn your goal into a plan. A wish with a deadline is a goal, and a goal with steps to take is a plan. Don’t get bogged down by these silly myths and start making it work!

We talk about:

  • The three myths of being a wealthy artist that are holding you back
  • Selling with authenticity and education-based marketing
  • Working smarter, not harder
  • Saying no to things
  • Creating a dreamy client profile
  • Putting your actions behind your goals






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  • Understand everything about your dreamy clients so every single message is tailored exactly to them
  • Offer the same product in unique ways to have multiple streams of income


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