How to Create Your Own Platform as an Independent Creator | with Laurelann Easton

Laurelann Easton is the owner of Wrapped Up In Jewelry. She makes incredibly unique jewelry using stones and crystals and wire wrapping inspired by nature.

She got into jewelry making as a kid when she got some really simply jewelry making kits. Once she got internet, she saw so much more of what was out there and wanted to learn how to do more. In college, she turned it into something to do on the side and it eventually turned into a business.

When Etsy stopped working for her, she set out to create her own platform where she can sell to her audience on her own terms. She tells us how she got started, how she learned to create recurring revenue to make her income more predictable, and what she does for social media marketing.

We talk about:

  • Getting started working with jewelry
  • Offering a membership box and how that benefits her business
  • Keeping your creative practice front of mind
  • Moving off of Etsy to create your own shop
  • Laurelann’s social media strategy & photography tips

But, before we meet Laurelann, I want to teach you about The Difference Between Coaching + Free Content:

There is a TON of free content out there in the world. I put out my own share of free content as well — such as this podcast! — and it is amazing. You can engage with all of that free content, learn a ton, or experiment through trial and error to learn how to run your business.

But the people who do that exclusively, without a coaching relationship, spend a lot more time and a lot more money to end up getting to the same place. Without a coach, you could experiment your way to the same level that you could with a coach, but when you work with a coach you work with someone who knows the steps to get you to where you need to go.

You also get real-time feedback with a coach. If you launch a new ad campaign and you’re not seeing the results you expected, you can have a conversation — with specific details — about why that is and where you can go from there, instead of trying to extrapolate from vague articles about someone else's business. Instead of wasting more time and more money you can get it solved right away.

This is what lights me up. Coaches are there to free you up so you can focus on the activities that give you a good return on investment instead of wasting your time.






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I will give you the 7 Easy & Simple Steps to add soul to your marketing, including:

  • The ability to tell stories, distill your message and connect with your clients, so you can get more buyers and fewer browsers
  • Understand everything about your dreamy clients so every single message is tailored exactly to them
  • Offer the same product in unique ways to have multiple streams of income


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