How to Rewire Your Brain to Work For You | with Gabby Ortega

Gabby Ortega is a holistic mental health coach, helping her clients with tools for healing, awakening, and becoming their highest self.

Mental health was always a conversation around her health, and as someone who suffered from anxiety and depression herself, Gabby embarked on her own self-healing journey to get back to feeling happy. With her background in clinical psychology, she found a large group of people who had problems that didn’t necessarily need a diagnosis, but that they just needed to find a way to move past all of these things.

But, before we meet Gabby, I want to teach you about Journaling:

Journaling is so important for your personal life, but it can also be important for our businesses. Every day, I practice getting my journal out and going over what I’m working towards.

What are some of the things holding you back from seeing your goals through? Maybe we don’t think we can do it, or we don’t know how to make a full time living doing what we love?

Here’s a journaling exercise you can use to help gain some self-confidence, clarity, and motivation towards your goals:

  • Write down 3 goals for your business in 2020.
  • Take a page for each goal and break it up into a plan, or the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Make it a point to put your energy behind working on those steps every day.
  • Write down all the negative thoughts you have that are holding you back, and figure out ways to choose a different, more positive thought.

We need to give ourselves the room to improve, and we won’t get there if we’re beating ourselves up. Goals are goals because we aren’t there yet, so let yourself pursue them and grow into them.






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