How to Get Started With Your Own Photography + My Personal Thoughts on Photography and Design | with Rachel Stelter

We have a beautiful interview with Rachel Stelter, a wonderful photographer that I’ve been working with for years. She has also done social media management, branding, and marketing. She was one of those kids who always loved making things, and she fell in love with photography in high school and ended up turning it from a side gig into a full time career.

Rachel is going to go deep into photography basics, daily habits, locations to shoot in, a balanced life, and much more!

But, before we meet Rachel, I want to teach you about My Personal Thoughts on Photography and Design:

Content is the core of your business. The more consistently you put out high-quality content, the more trust you are going to gain with potential customers. Don’t stress over missing a day on Instagram, but get into the habit of batching content for the future so you can post consistently.

There is a lot that goes into content creation, and it does require some thought and preparation. Here are some ideas you can use when you are doing your own photography:

  • Locations: Think about what your brand is trying to portray, and make sure the setting helps to support that. Also be aware of the aesthetic and the lighting in the area.
  • Time of Day: The best time to take photos is during the “golden hour,” where lighting is softer. This is the period shortly before sunset or after sunrise.
  • Outfits: Create a cohesive feed so that your outfits help to portray who you are. Have fun with your outfits, be yourself, and don’t overthink it. Referring to your brand colors can also help keep a cohesive look.
  • Camera: I tend to shoot on my iPhone. You can always get better cameras, but don’t be afraid to use the one that you have.
  • Editing: If you have the knowledge or expertise, Photoshop is great, but I personally use Canva. Picmonkey is also a great, free option. For editing on my phone, I like to use Snapseed.

Showing that you truly live the lifestyle that you preach leads to embodiment. Embodiment leads to trust, and trust leads to conversations and conversions! People are going to want to be engaging more in your content and buying your products and services. These are just some of the basics of design and photography, but please don’t let anything hold you back from creating content TODAY.





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