How to Overcome Mindset Blocks to Work in the Creative Flow + Using Customer Stories for More Engaging Marketing Conversations | with Dana Tao

We have something amazing in store for you. Dana Tao is an incredible entrepreneur and human being, and she has so many amazing tips about being an entrepreneur, getting your mindset right, and utilizing Instagram.

Dana started her own business after her husband and friends encouraged her to pursue it. She took the leap, and the rapid growth caught her completely off guard. She talks about having support and attracting your people, pushing positivity, and working in a creative flow in your business.

We talk about:

  • The importance of customer stories + how to get them
  • Deciding to start your own business
  • Attracting the right people
  • Finding your calling
  • Instagram strategies
  • Incorporating holistic wellness into your brand
  • Flowing through the challenges in life
  • Striving for a balanced life



But, before we meet Dana, I want to teach you about Customer Stories:

There are 5 types of stories you should have available to you when you are talking about your brand:

  • Brand Story
  • Business Story
  • Personal Story
  • Product Story
  • Customer Story


We’ve talked about most of these before, but let’s talk specifically about customer stories for a moment.

Why are customer stories important? From these stories, you can learn what your customers’ pains are so you can point them in the direction of what they desire. You can also find out where your customers are today, and where they want to be tomorrow, so you can help bridge that gap with your products.

So, how do we obtain a customer story? One way is to make sure you are engaging in customer listening. Engage with your customers on social media via comments and DMs. Find out what they are asking for and what they want. Also, look into what your competitors are doing to talk to their customers and clients. Lastly, you want to have in depth interviews with any customers you’ve had in the past and dig deep into why they came to you, why they wanted to buy your product, and what the product means to them.

I love telling stories and they are so important for sticking in the minds of your customers, making connections, and having customers feel like they are a part of your story.






Grab my soulful marketing guide and learn the exact steps I teach my high-ticket clients.

I will give you the 7 Easy & Simple Steps to add soul to your marketing, including:

  • The ability to tell stories, distill your message and connect with your clients, so you can get more buyers and fewer browsers
  • Understand everything about your dreamy clients so every single message is tailored exactly to them
  • Offer the same product in unique ways to have multiple streams of income

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