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How to Get Conversions With Service-Based Marketing | with Molly Kubes

Molly Kubes is the founder of the Spiritual Business Accelerator, an online business program for spiritual women to help them build online businesses.

She started out as a full-time yoga instructor. Yoga had really served her in her life, and she loved teaching it. But the only way to make enough to pay all her bills was to teach 16 different yoga classes in a week. She tried to make it work, but it just wasn’t sustainable and she started to burn out. She still wanted to share this, so she built an online yoga course, and she made more in the first 6 weeks than she had made in the whole year doing classes.

We talk about:

  • Creating an online business out of an in-person one
  • How to experiment and problem solve
  • Marketing without feeling salesy
  • Staying in the flow while traveling
  • Meditation practice & binaural beats
  • Grow engagement & conversion on Instagram
  • Getting started writing copy



But, before we meet Molly, I want to teach you about Coming From a Place of Service: 

Before I started this business, when I was in corporate consulting, I was using a more aggressive energy, instead of my more feminine, service-based, empathic energy. When I dove deep with my own coach on this, I worked on my personal intuition, including meditation, a solid morning practice, and entering every call I make from a place of service.

As soon as I made this change, my clients responded better, and it felt better for me. This is my passion and purpose, and it feels so wonderful when I am able to help you. Even if you are in a product-based business, every sale is a service. You are fulfilling something in your customers’ lives.






Grab my soulful marketing guide and learn the exact steps I teach my high-ticket clients.

I will give you the 7 Easy & Simple Steps to add soul to your marketing, including:

  • The ability to tell stories, distill your message and connect with your clients, so you can get more buyers and fewer browsers
  • Understand everything about your dreamy clients so every single message is tailored exactly to them
  • Offer the same product in unique ways to have multiple streams of income


If you want to know what you can do right now to start or grow your business, grab my free guide today.


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