How to build brand think deeper and develop rapport with customers


Hello, my soulful CREATORS!

Recently, I was asked how to build a brand, think deeper and develop a rapport with customers.

The answer involves storytelling and my method of teaching storytelling involving five moves. 

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When you think about stories, you want to make sure you have these five different stories:

  1. A brand story
  2. A business story
  3. A personal story
  4. Product stories
  5. Customers stories

Let’s take a closer look at customer stories.

Why are customer stories important? 

Customer stories are important because they provide insight into what customers' specific journeys look like. From these stories, you can learn what's plaguing customers. 

What are your customers concerned about? What do they need?

Customer stories will also give you a look at where these consumers are today, and where they want to be tomorrow. With this information, you will be better able to determine how your product or service can bridge that gap for them. 

How do you obtain a customer story?

  1. Engage in customer listening

When you tell a customer story, you will be engaging in what's called customer listening. There are several methods of customer listening, however, I recommend starting with social media. 

Take to social media to engage with your clients. Chat with them over DM and over comments, take a look at their feeds, and figure out what they're asking for—what is it that they want?

  1. Look at your competitors 

Next, take a look at your competitors. What are your competitors doing? How are they talking to their ideal customers and clients? 

  1. Interviews and focus groups

If you have customers that have had success with your product or your service, try to have in-depth interviews with them. To entice previous customers to participate, consider giving them a little freebie. 

During the interview, dig deep into the reason why they came to you and what their customer story is.

Another approach would be to lead focus groups. To do this, gather a few members of your ideal customer base, put them in a room together, and ask them some previously prepared questions to help you learn their customer stories.



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