Do I Need An Email List? Yes, more than you need social!


Hello, my beautiful CREATORS!!

I often get asked by my clients if they need an email list. Sometimes, I get clients who don’t even ask that question. They don’t know the importance of email lists! Guys, they are even more important than social media!! I swear!

Your email list is the most important piece of marketing that you have. The reason for this is, your email list is something that you own. You are not at the mercy of algorithms on Facebook or Instagram. You have a direct relationship with your list. You control the content and what they see from you.

I want to talk to you about how to get more engagement with your list. With more engagement comes more sales, so dive in with me!


  • Consistent Schedule


It is so important to have a consistent schedule. Make sure you are giving your list real value on a consistent basis.

I like to email out at least once a week except when I'm in a launch phase of a new product, and then I will email a bit more frequently. For you, this might mean that you email more frequently during sales or other promotional times. 

In the meantime, make sure that you're touching base with your list on a consistent basis. In every email, give your tribe a chance to reply back and touch base with you to build rapport. This brings me to my next point…


  • Engagement Questions


Make sure to give some kind of question at the end to prompt your tribe to engage with you.

For example, if I’m emailing about a blog post or free training, I'll ask people to reply back with their thoughts on the content. 

Another idea is to ask a question like, "What did you do this week to meditate?" Or, "How do you stay in the creative flow?"

Asking questions gives you the opportunity for authentic engagement, which is gold. Get the buy-in from your tribe.


  • White Space and Images FTW


Your emails should be short and sweet with beautiful visuals of your creations and of you.

Your dreamy clients are super busy and get tons of emails. Stand out from the pack with high-quality photos of your creations and of you creating them.

Make sure you have lots of white space and the emails aren’t too long or your clients will give up and just not read them. Keep sentences short and paragraphs to two or three sentences.


  • Keep it Personal


I like to tell personal anecdotes to really grow my “know, like and trust” factor and get my tribe on board with what I’m doing. 

Tell stories about what is happening this week for you and reflect on what you are reading, creating, watching, seeing, and doing. 

Your tribe wants to know you better. Give them a window into your day!


  • Catchy Subject Lines are Crucial


Play around with your subject lines and test different ideas for different parts of your list. Find out what catches your tribe’s eye and what gets opened the most. 

If you don’t grab them with the subject line, you’re toast. 

I like to be playful and unexpected with my subject lines. Write like how you would talk to your client. 

I’d love to connect with you guys and tell you more about building an email list or how to uplevel your business and gain the financial freedom that you desire. Check out the action steps below for ways to connect!



If you want to learn more about my triangle method to product marketing, come on board with me for the Creators Marketing Method Workshop, which is my soulful marketing education story.

I will never give you stale, one-size-fits all advice. Just real, authentic, SOULFUL ways for you to grow your business and achieve the financial freedom you  desire. 



Let’s get on the phone! I love talking with you guys, so book a free call with me. I’d love to hear about your business and give you some free advice on how to apply my Creators Marketing Method and the seven-step process.


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To your success,  Gina

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