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I’m often asked by my clients what the first step should be when they’re launching a new product. 

Here’s my answer: stories. First, you need to solidify the story behind the product.

Hopefully, you've done some work and have nailed down your business story and your personal story in order to build your tribe. But, in order to get your dreamy clients interested in your new product, you also need to have a story about that product that connects with them.

Here’s an example of some work I did with a client recently: 

A company with the mission to employ adults with autism builds businesses around individual skillsets. This allows them to better develop self-sustaining businesses. 

How it works, is they begin a product that already has a market. Then, they design tasks around the skills of the individual. 

For instance, an individual who is a part of this program really liked to cook. He would cook for his home and for his family, and he enjoyed following a recipe with step-by-step instructions. 

We realized that candle making was actually very much like a recipe—you heat the wax, you add the scent...you get the idea. Candle making ended up being an awesome fit for this individual because it made use of skills that he already had, and involved activities he already enjoyed doing—following steps to complete a product. 

It's a compelling story all on its own. But, to further my business, I would need to tell it in a way that's going to connect with the audience. 

Here’s how I would tell the story:

  1. Exposition

To tell the story, I would start with the background: that this individual graduated from high school, really wanted to be part of the community, and really wanted employment. However, he was having a hard time getting placed. That's the exposition. 

  1. Rising action

The rising action would be the process of contemplating if there's a way to create a business that would employ him. Not only considering if there is a market for the product he would be building but at the same time, finding employment that would be self-sustaining, while also enjoyable for him.

  1. Climax

Now we come to the climax—the turning point. We realized that this individual is good at cooking, and we know he likes to follow a recipe. So, we figure out what products are similar. 

We determine candle-making could be a great fit, and we bring candles into his life so he can start producing these products. 

  1. Falling action

Now, you have the falling action. From the climax, this individual was able to successfully follow the recipes and was able to build a business that’s become a success. 

He actually has many people working under him now and it's really scaled up!

  1. Denouement

Lastly, we have the denouement. The moral of this story is that we are able to employ many people with autism, and people who buy these candles are able to support employment.

So there you go! That's a very short and sweet introduction to how to tell stories about your product. 



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